through a glass darkly

Flowers – 2006 Crystal glass – 1976 April 2006 Boonville California – Hasselblad 503CW camera (2000), Zeiss 120mm lens (2000), Hasselblad CFV digital back (2006) April 2015 Boonville California – Leica 90mm macro lens (2015) on Leica Macro Adapter (2014) on Sony A7ii camera (2015) April 2015 Stanford California – Polaroid Time-Zero film stock (2006),…

Helen Shanks – an archaeological sensibility

Helen has just launched her web site – Ceramics connecting quiddities, material engagement, deep history, hylography, the skeuomorph – the life of things – see some recent comments – [Link] [Link]

hylography – terra sigillata

Hylography – the process of emergence and disappearance, intentional or unintentional, of graphical form out of matter – [Link] Here in a work by Helen (Shanks). The technique is terra sigillata – employing a fine slip applied to the surface and manipulated in firing to various effect. In antiquity the results were fine and very…