Helen Shanks – an archaeological sensibility

Helen has just launched her web site – http://helenshanks.com Ceramics connecting quiddities, material engagement, deep history, hylography, the skeuomorph – the life of things – see some recent comments – [Link] [Link]

the skeuomorph

More reflections upon the ceramic works of Helen (Shanks). ([Link] to hylography) The skeuomorph – a form that involves the transformation and redeployment of a design feature or quality from one material or medium into another. This is a common, ubiquitous feature of design, though little discussed until quite recently. Apple received significant attention in…

hylography – terra sigillata

Hylography – the process of emergence and disappearance, intentional or unintentional, of graphical form out of matter – [Link] Here in a work by Helen (Shanks). The technique is terra sigillata – employing a fine slip applied to the surface and manipulated in firing to various effect. In antiquity the results were fine and very…